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Company Overview

Beisia Group

Business Strategy

The Beisia Group is composed of 28 companies with 6 major retail chains that form the core of the group. We are expanding our network from Hokkaido to Okinawa, going through Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu, covering 40 prefectures in all.

Making the most of the group's capabilities, we promote the joint development of products and future locations, cooperative procurement of goods, and the efficient usage of information. With Beisia Shopping Centers and CAINZ Home as the core of the group, we are developing shopping areas lined with Beisia Group stores and products that provide the community with a fun and convenient shopping experience.

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Beisia Group

Beisia Group


The leader of the Japanese home improvement industry. Stores include CAINZ Home, CAINZ Mall, and CAINZ Super Center.


Beisia's namesake shopping center chain. It has since taken over Iseya (est. 1959), the group's parent company.

Save On

Convenience store chain concentrated in the Kanto and Koshin'etsu regions and gaining a dominant market share.

Workman (Workwear and Uniforms)

Network of franchised clothing stores specializing in workwear, uniforms, and work-related supplies. The leader of the industry.

Auto R's

Large-scale car supply specialty store with a wide selection of consumables and accessories. We plan on stabilizing our customer base and increasing the frequency of customer visits.

Beisia Electronics
(Consumer electronics, computers, and AV equipment)

Chain of electronics stores providing everyday electronics, computers, and AV equipment. A model of strong sales and quality service.

CAINZ Food Services

CAINZ' in-house restaurant chain. Operates within CAINZ Super Home Centers

IC Cargo

Product transport and provisioning service for CAINZ as well as other companies.

CAINZ Travel (Travel agency)

CAINZ' in-house travel agency. Operates within Beisia Shopping Centers

Seikando (Buddhist Altars and Tombstones)

A specialty chain providing Buddhist altars, altar fittings, tombstones, and a cemetary referral service

Mu Entertainment

Management company running the "Asobi no Kuni" amusement park

Beisia Food Services

Beisia's in-house restaurant chain. Operates within Beisia Shopping Centers