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Company Overview

A Word from the President

As a home improvement center, CAINZ has always kept the goal of "improving your lifestyle" in mind, and we've been providing our numerous services in order to fulfill that goal. We've been gathering great products from both inside and outside of country and making them affordable, so that we can help improve our customers' lives both comfortably and conveniently.

In addition, as a retailer that attends to customers every day, CAINZ has endeavored to produce its own line of quality products that fit the customers' needs. We began product development with the goal of making them more affordable, but we've since progressed into making affordable products whose features are unique to the CAINZ brand. The customers' suggestions, stemming from a desire to personalize their way of living and create a lifestyle that fits them individually, has allowed CAINZ creativity to stay a step ahead.

Through our new, original products, we are encouraging a new way of living. The "Garden Party" lifestyle is a new way to enjoy your meals in the garden and veranda, and we suggest you use the series of CAINZ products made for this to make the most of your outdoor space. CAINZ is shifting its focus from just brightening your living space to changing Japanese lifestyles for the better, and one of the ways we do that is through food products. CAINZ 3rd original beer, "Golden", was a big hit, and the non-alcoholic version became popular as well. Right now we're breaking out of the home improvement industry and moving up into the lifestyle industry.

Our new Honjo-Waseda Headquarters was completed in October 2012, and it has all of the necessary equipment and people required for product development. The originality produced here and ideas born from the sensibilities of all of our employees who work with our valued customers are collected, combined, and fashioned into CAINZ' future products.

In 2014, CAINZ celebrated its 25th anniversary. We're extremely thankful for all of the support our valued customers have shown us over the years. "くらしにららら" (La la la Lifestyle) is CAINZ' goal for all of our customers, and in order to make your lives more fun and fulfilling, we will continue to offer our quality products and ideas.

We humbly ask for your continuing support for the years to come.

President Hiromasa Tsuchiya