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Company Overview


1978 - First CAINZ Home Center (Tochigi)
1984 - Tokyo IT Center established
1987 - Yaita Distribution Center commences operations
1989 - CAINZ CORPORATION is established. It laters becomes independent of Iseya Inc.
New Isesaki center commences operations
First gardening center "CAINZ Green" opens in CAINZ Home Aoyagi
1991 - Takasaki Headquarters is established
1993 - Institute for Distribution Technologies established
First raw materials museum opens in CAINZ Home Saku Interchange
1994 - First CAINZ Super Home Center (Isesaki)
Stocking of foreign goods begins
100th CAINZ location opens
1995 - Low Price Guarantee begins
1996 - POS (Point of Sale) System introduced to CAINZ stores
Super Home Center Mobara
1997 - Comprehensive Training Center "Karuizawa Club" is completed
1998 - First agricultural materials museum opens in CAINZ Super Home Center Mobara
2000 - Flyer guarantee program begins
CAINZ becomes the industry leader in net sales and operating income
First CAINZ Super Home Center in Aichi Prefecture (CAINZ Super Home Center Komaki)
2002 - Appointment of new President and CEO
First CAINZ Super Home Center in Mie Prefecture (CAINZ Super Home Center Meiwa)
The new CAINZ flagship store opens in Tsurugashima (CAINZ Super Home Center Tsurugashima)
Net sales total over ¥200 billion for the first time
2003 - CAINZ Super Home Center Ome Interchange
2004 - First CAINZ Mall opens in Shizuoka Prefecture (Hamamatsu Miyakoda Techno)
2005 - Chubu Regional Office opens in Nagoya (CAINZ Home Nagoya Minato)
First CAINZ Super Home Center in Kobe (CAINZ Super Home Center Kobe-Hiyodoridai)
First CAINZ Super Home Center in Shiga Prefecture (CAINZ Super Home Center Hikone)
First CAINZ Super Home Center in Osaka (CAINZ Super Home Center Osaka East)
First CAINZ location in Okayama Prefecture (CAINZ Home Tsuyama)
2006 - Net sales exceed ¥300 billion for the first time
First CAINZ location in Gifu Prefecture (CAINZ Home Kani)
CAINZ stores present in 20 prefectures
Shanghai office opens.
2007 - Employee Mentors Management system introduced
CAINZ Smile Project launch
New flagship store.
   CAINZ Super Home Isesaki relocation and reopening
2008 - First CAINZ Super Home Center in Kyoto Prefecture (CAINZ Super Home Center Kizu)
First CAINZ location in Hokkaido (CAINZ Home Omagari)
2009 - Beisia Group's 50th anniversary
CAINZ' 20th anniversary
2010 - First CAINZ Seasons (Isesaki Gardens)
Chinese subsidiary Jia Ying Zhi Trading Company established
Shanghai logistics center opens.
First CAINZ Lifestyle Home Center (CAINZ Ota Mall)
First CAINZ Cycle Park (Okegawa)
2011 - New franchising agreement signed with Kanehide Shoji Inc. in Okinawa
First CAINZ location in Okinawa Prefecture (CAINZ Home Sun Plaza Itoman)
2012 - Ota distribution center opens.
Shenzhen distribution center opens.
Honjo Waseda headquarters opens (headquarters relocation). CAINZ Headquarters reopens in Honjo-Waseda