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Company Overview

Management Philosophy

“For the Customers“

  • ●Always focused on providing quality goods with affordable prices
  • ●Eliminating regional differences and furthering an enriching lifestyle
  • ●Cultivating good staff to make quality products that enrich people's lives.


The "Three Kinds of Satisfaction" are CAINZ' founding principles

Customer Satisfaction

The pursuit of and realization of customer satisfaction is the standard through which we consider our every action.

  • ●Promoting store accessibility
  • ●Thorough in friendly service and cleanliness
Partner Satisfaction

Without satisfied parters, we cannot provide our continually afforable products

  • ●Cash Payment System
  • ●All purchases are final
Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction sustains the challenge-driven corporate environment and supports all employee activity

  • ●Profit Sharing System
  • ●Well-developed and thorough training

Ethics Policy

CAINZ pursues the following ethics policy and aims to continue being a fair and equitable company

●The Three Guiding Principles
We will not accept bribes of any kind whether it be cash, personal favors, or credit
We do not engage in empty formalities between colleagues
We do not loan money to company employees

Basic Management Policy

●"Mountain Chain" Operations
●To build a "Business mountain chain" by continuing to develop stores and business with ample yield and economy.
●Maintaining Low Prices
Constantly improving our quickly rotating, simple, efficient, and inexpensive product management system where even if we sell low, the profits are high.
●Expectation of Full Participation
Continually challenging the norm through innovation, collective knowledge, and enivoronment that both respects the individual and nurtures the group.

Employee Behavior Guidelines

CAINZ is always daring to do more

  • ●Be always engaged with your job and your customers and be independent in both work and thought.
  • ●Always think from the customer's perspective and continue to improve your work both creatively and efficently.
  • ●Make positive proposals and be active in implementation to give way to innovation.
  • ●Set high goals and make specific plans.
  • ●Make decisions quickly and be timely in correspondence.
  • ●Work with pride and persist until completion.
  • ●Prioritize your job and concentrate on your work.
  • ●Remember that reports, correspondence, and consultations are the lifelines that keep the company moving.
  • ●Fearlessly continue to challenge hardship with an open mind and great ambition.